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Thursday, November 16, 2006

housing security deposit & overtime pay

a major reason some choose korea over japan is the free housing. you really never know what you'll get. ive read of some where their housing turned out to be an empty spare classroom, some where they lived with the boss for the first month, and poor mike was given this atrocity to live in. and of course some turn out great.

you usually dont have to put down any
key money, the school does so for you. you may be asked to put down a security deposit. this is not really a requirement. some insist that it's downright illegal, but if it is in your contract that you sign, it's perfectly legal. i guess it's up to you if you agree on that condition or not. many do not trust their employers to return any deposit money when they leave the job. davester frankly speaking had this to say:

Many contracts that I have received over the years have stated
that they want a housing security deposit but it usually only
100-200,000 Won. I just sent it back and said that it is not a good way
to start a relationship. It should begin by trust. I tell them that since
monthly bills rarely add up to 80,000 won a month, why should I
deposit 200,000. I tell them that I would be willing to deduct
100,000 out of my last month's salary to pay for the final month's bills.
I have never been denied by those companies. The other thing I keep
seeing on many contracts is overtime salary of 15,000 or 18,000 won
a month. It should never be less than 20,000 and even that is low.
If you calculate your base salary, it is around 17,000 won a month.
Overtime should be paid at 1.5. roughly 25,000 won an hour
is what is legal."

me writing: this is arguable, some say 20,000 is perfectly acceptable. davester MRD posted:
Originally the school wanted me to pay a 200,000W monthly deposit
for 3 months. Much like the previous poster who wanted to establish
trust at the beginning of the work relationship, I respectfully requested
this to be removed, and in lieu, on the first day of the last month I
would supply the school with reciepts of my bills to prove they are all
paid, in addition to paying the school the AVERAGE cost of the monthly
bills. The final wording in the contract ended up like this:

The cost of monthly service, utility, and telephone charges for the
accommodation provided will be paid by the teachers. The teacher
should provide the school with the average cost of monthly utilities
and phone charges at the beginning of the last contract month.
The teacher should also provide the school with copies of the bills at that
time showing that there are no outstanding payments to be made.

me again: well i shall write more on this once i get to korea and am going through this myself. but seems across the board that you'll get your own place, and only get shared housing, pay security deposit, etc, if you decide you're ok with it. i heard the cost of the utility bill can be outrageous depending on how cold the weather is. being from southern cali, i bet it'll be half my check, yo.

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