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Saturday, January 01, 2000

recruiter ASK NOW

Date: Apr 9, 2007 4:09 PM
I am thinking about going through a recruiting company by the name of ASK (access South Korea) NOW. I'm also talking to some people from Search Associates. There is an application fee of $150 though. It is not just for Korea. They are a recruiting agency for American Schools all over the world. I have just heard some mixed reviews on Korea. I figure that a person like you who is there right now could give me the real deal! :-) Have you always been in Korea or did you teach in other countries? Most of the people that I know who have taught anywhere overseas seem to really love it so much. I just wanted to have the experience. E-mail me when you can. Thanks for your information! You teach English over there right? i started to use ask now, i got an offer elsewhere before they could really do anything for me, it all happened so quick. they seem like a reputable agency.

consider not using Search Associates. if youre set for korea, youre already in the works, the fee would be a waste maybe. if you DO stay with them, dont tell anybody that you paid a fee. people can be real jerks and want to play the "how am i smarter than you" game, you know? if you tell someone you paid, they'll delight in telling you got ripped off or something. i dont necessariliy agree, im sure some places give you more for your buck: maybe more guidence during the transition to go abroad, etc, but again, most people have a big jerk potential.

i heard a lot of mixed things about korea too before i arrived. mostly from non black people. one sista told me "its just like home. there are some things you love, and some things you hate' and that's rung most true for me. i came here up for a challenge and looking forward to a new job, new culture, and im really happy here. people that cant/dont adjust have other issues, it's not korea.

korea is my first teaching abroad job. i work for cdi, are you ever on this link i liked, it had a lot of pros and cons. i teach english. i have traveled outside of the states before but only for school or for holiday. uhm, i think i answered all your questions? :) you seem to have a good attitude about korea, i wish you the best, i tihnk youre going to love your life here. let nothing stop you, seriously, we're black no matter where we go. if you get rejected for a job b/c youre black, it was a shitty job to begin with. email me anytime

Thanks for the info! You are right about the recruiting agency. I haven't paid the $150. You are not guaranteed a job anyway. I have visited Dave's ESL cafe many times! I am trying to save some money overseas too. I've read that you can save money teaching English as well as have a great experience. You are so right when you say that we are going to be black anywhere we go! Amen to that!! I read your blog and how you got started. You had some REALLY good info! Thank you! I'm a School Counselor at an Elementary school. I don't really like my job that much. I just feel that there has to be more to life than this! You know it feels like something is missing. Its good to know that someone else out there shares my same view! I tried applying with the Department of Defense schools (schools on military bases). They pay for your housing and ship your car over for free! Sounds like a good deal. I haven't heard from them though. Well, I have to get ready to go to work! It is 7:15 a.m. over here in Atlanta. I will not be returning next year so that is why I am on the grind now trying to find something for next year! Again thank you so much and I am happy that you are enjoying Korea!

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