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Sunday, February 18, 2007

keep these in your wallet.

thank you to davester dogshed for the advice of
what to keep in your wallet at all times:
  • a business card from your school, written in english and hangul, with a phone number on it.

  • a card from the hotel you're staying in. many cab drivers dont go by street adrssess, but rather landmarks & such. there's usually a little map or something on the card from the hotel, or at least the hotel phone number so that they can call and find out how to get there.

  • if you already have a place to live, keep THAT adrs w/landmarks written both in english and hangul.

  • plenty of money. maybe you'll get super duper lost; with money you can say F* it and take a cab home.

  • spare set of apartment keys, maybe pinned in your coat pocket.

  • more info here and here.

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