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Saturday, February 03, 2007

seoulitary confinement

another great example of korea's cultural illiteracy. read about it at: seoulitary confinement I think this blog of mine will end a little after i get to korea. i've mostly written about what ive been going through during my job search; and after i arrive, i'd like to post about getting an arc card, getting my cell phone, exchanging money for the first time, finding my own place to live, etc. But after that, i think i will start a new blog, about the Seoul Sister living in korea. im sure i will see many examples of korea's cultural illiteracy... and i'm sure i'll have a lot to say about it.


Anonymous said...

seoul sista,

You don't have to stop blogging. Once you arrive it will just naturally evolve into a blog about 'living in korea'. just a thought. On cultural illiteracy just wait 'til you see "the black people tooth paste" try not to flip your lid when you see the logo. white man in black face with a top hat, sambo style. it's the most popular brand in asian counties.

i_teach_esl said...

hi anonymous, yes ive heard of that toothpaste! ive heard also of the darkie/darlie toothpaste. recently i was introduced to one in japan by my friend harvey ( on his website he has this crazy commercial for it... apparently we're really skillful in climbing any vertical structures in record time. anyway, i think i still want to end this blog soon, i think it serves well for the beginner and i'd like to just keep it like that. if i continue to blog here, it'll get too big for that. a new blog will pop up, still me, just different page.

Anonymous said...

sounds good. i'll look for it.