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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sending money home

i sent money home for the first time this week! i sent this to my account i have back in daygo. should the procedure change any when i send money to my dad and my husband in future months, i'll update.
the teller spoke english very well, so he made it very easy. i did this at shihan bank, where i have an account. i gave them the name of my bank home bank, as well as my back home phone number, and adrs, (i changed my at-bank info to my parents adrs & #). Also he wanted the at-home info for the bank: adrs, number, etc. so, to make this easiest, i suggest that before you leave home:
  • go to your bank and let them know you'll be out of the country.
  • ask them about their procedures and fees to have money transferred from abroad.
  • get a business card with the bank info on it
  • double check your account number and bank routing/transit number
  • make sure the bank has your proper mailing adrs & number (ie, i changed mine to my parents in case any problems arise).
this entry in process

to send money home: some people send money orders home, or just straight send signed travelers cheques home... i dont suggest the latter... while still back home, i asked my bank about wiring money to my account from abroad. check to see if your bank charges a fee or percentage, and get their full address and phone number, your bank account number, and perhaps the routing number on your check, too. i ended up using an account i have back home that has my and my fathers name on it. i have my bank here in korea wire the money, then i can pay all my bills online like usual (student loan, credit card, whathaveyou), and my dad can have access to the money if something comes up. i wire XXX won at a time, b/c the fees are all the same... less when you send more... i periodically send a money order to my roommate back home to take care of my cats. they can only eat science diet.

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