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Thursday, February 15, 2007

my medical exam

my job required a medical exam as part of employment, i think that all schools do. i actually got an email from X at cdi about a week before i was to arrive reminding me of the exam and cautioning me to not celebrate too hard before i arrive b/c the exam includes a drug test :)

the medical center was fairly easy to find; the subway here is excellent. so long as you know what exit # to get out of, you're straight. i say this even tho i have gotten hopelessly lost myself many, many a time already.

that exam was thorough! they did an eye exam, x-ray, took my blood pressure, a urine sample, measured my height and weight, did a drug test, and took blood samples. i think there was more, i dont remember, i did it a couple days ago. it didnt cost anything, i guess the school paid for it.
drink lots and lots of water a couple days before you get your exam. that way by the time you go in and give your urine sample, your pee will look all pretty and clear in the cup. dark smelly pee is gross. just my 2 cents.

i'd suggest getting an exam before you come too and do an hiv/aids test, just in case. actually, get tested for all stds; i'd read on eslcafe about some guy who got fired b/c he was hiv positive... or not as devastating but just as humiliating: what if you had like chlamydia or something? could've had that taken care of and all cleard up back home first! regardless, you must have an exam here in korea; i dont know of any place that would accept proof of a medical exam from home.

they didnt do what's in this picture, btw. i was paranoid that they'd ask me to undress or do a breast exam or something, and was all ready for a fight if they did; fortunately they didnt. a former teacher of mine from college is filipino, she's not even 50 i think, and she told me about how when she was in elementary school, the staff had her undress in the nurses office to make sure she was human b/c they'd never seen a filipino person before. oh my friend emmalyne, i think of you to this day. i hope youre well.


Yvette said...

What kind of drug test did they take? Hair/Blood/Urine?

Anonymous said...

ok, well that's good to hear. I'm going to Korea to teach soon and they require a physical test and I was all worried they would make me undress and wear a gown or something or give me some sort of drug that would tell them if I'd ever taken drugs. I can pee in a cup if no one is watching and I don't have or have ever had any diseases, std's, hiv ect... so I guess I'm safe. I run a lot like 35 miles a week so I hope they just look at me and go, ok you look heathy.