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Friday, March 09, 2007

take a break

this aint got shit to do w/korea or esl, it's just that i hadnt seen any of chapelle season three before and i couldnt stop laughing. byaaaaahh!!!!


N said...

So I am at work making the most out of company time. I attempt to hustle my cubicle neighbor for his headphones. I mean who wouldn't want to laugh the day away? Anyhoo, I click on the link and realize, oh my gosh! it's starting to play! I'm scrambling to find the 'pause' or 'play' link on the screen. Out of the bottom corner of my eye I see movement. I'm trippin' because it resembles oral copulation and like I said before I'M USING THE COMPUTERS AT WORK! Well, to my great joy it was a different kind of oral: white girls kissing!

Thank you Black ESL teacher for making me afraid to click on potentially PG-13/rated R links.

-- Natacha

supa dupa fly said...

too bad for you. byaaaaaaahhh!!!