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Thursday, March 08, 2007

ARC- alien registration card

your arc card is your alien registration card. every foreign national staying in Korea for 91 days or more must register as a resident alien. my school sent me to the immigration office; i was to bring with me my passport, two passport sized photos, something from the school saying that i work for them, and 20K won, i think? i have no idea how much it cost... sorry, i meant to write this as soon as i did it, i cant hardly remember now. i do remember that we had to take a number and wait for nearly an hour, and we had to leave our passports there. we got them back over a week later. tip to everyone: change some money before you go. for an extra 5K won, you can ask them to deliver the card instead of having to go back down in person to pick it up. wish i'd asked for that. lesson learnt'. uhm, dont have much else to say about this. meh, you can read up more about it on daves.

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