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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

if you have some money and need some help

LOOK AT THIS NEATO SERVICE!!! Help & Service Korea! i posted on daves looking for a cleaning person for my place as i've heard it can be quite affordable. i got a response about help&service and checked out the website, how friggin cool! house cleaning, babysitting, party assistant, and look at this for "special assistance provider:"

Special Assistance Provider
◇ Secures document/s from the Korean government office.
◇ Guides in shopping and touring Korea.
◇ Carries out children's school entrance formalities.
◇ Or do any tailor made service you would want to avail such as personal secretary, culinary expert, messenger, driver, etc whatever you want, Please let us know.

it didnt list the cost of this special service, but the housecleaning looked pretty fair. i will for sure come back to that website once i get paid. which will be in another month... *sigh*

update, i called this place and they dont service pyeongchon. but then i found this forum on daves, so i'll check that out and update later. thanks jdog! "Go to what the book, there's an ad for a pillipina who will not only clean but give you a manicure and pedicure.

12/30/07 update: i got a housekeeper via a coworker. i friggin love her. honest to god, she makes living here so soooo easy. she comes once a week (email me for what i pay, i dont want to put all her stuff out there), and i come home to a sparkly clean toilet, shower, hell, the WHOLE bathroom; swept and mopped floors, empty sink w/no dishes, emptied trash, fresh laundry... she's a dream. her email is write her with where you live, what you want done, and what days/times are good for you. worth every penny, she's the bomb. i have no idea what her name is b/c she doesnt speak english (i guess she gets someone to translate the emails) i just call her a god send.


7/08 update: even better, click here for free help for foreigners.


N said...

How dirty can your house get?

supa dupa fly said...

hey! why i gots to clean if i can afford to pay someone to do it for me!? im helping the economy! well anyways, i called them and they said i live too far for their services. meh.

Anonymous said...

I called this lady...saw an English advert.She's Phillipino, here's the number:

she cleaned my apartment recently... she did a great job.

Anonymous said...

call this number if u need a helper 010 86850642 or contact her via email