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Sunday, March 11, 2007

pets in korea

i met a woman last night who arrived in korea three days ago. she said it was super easy to do. there's no quarantine for korea. she made sure she had all her paperwork showing the cat's current shots and such a full month before she left. she made sure the plane she was on would allow her cat to be in the cabin with her, and the disabled bathroom was big enough for her to take her cat out every so often and walk around. she bought some sort of puppy diaper thingy and used it to line the bottom of the pet carrier. the cat peed twice.

please think really hard before getting a pet while youre here. animals a big commitment; if you think you'll be able to stay with the animal for 10-15+ years, that you'll be home enough for the pet, that your home is BIG ENOUGH for a pet, and have the time to take it outdoors when necessary, then go for it. otherwise, please dont. there are so many "free pets" on the korea forums and that makes me sad. if you must, tho:

update: there are cat & dog cafes where you can go hang out and play w/the animals. ive never been to one, but heard they're nice. info on a cat cafe here.

update april 2011: there is an fb group "Pet Sitting Network South Korea," here is the link:
also a couple of cat fb groups
happy kitten cat shelter

1 comment:

Cari Nelson said...

Awesome!! I'm thinking about getting into the TaLK program but have wondered what would be the best way to bring my two cats over. Thanks so much for the pet-sitting info :D