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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

settling in

i need to buy... everything. ok, advice everyone: bring lots and lots of money with you. lots of it. my homeboy brought 3000USD with him when he went to japan and i thought that was so silly, but i understand now. i love my apt, but coming home is so dreary b/c there's nothing there. i sleep on a mat on the floor, and it's ok b/c i brought my favorite bedsheets from home, but *sigh* i have no money to buy anything until april mutha fucking 10th. sure wish i had a couch. tv. dishes. rice cooker. etc. **grumble** i just really really want to feel settled already.

i've found info about a second hand store in korea, have to check it out. also was given a link for point to point subway directions so i'll know how to get there. i check the buy/sell/trade on daves every so often, too.

and this website looks great, only 5000W delivery fee i think, but it's in hangul and i cant read nerfin. a few of my colleagues used this website (one got a queen size bed and frame for 80USD, another got a twin, matress only, for 60USD, think of it like maybe a craigslist) and they asked the korean staff at work to help them.

update 4/1/07: byaah! i didnt have to buy a thing! byyaaahhhh!!!


9/2007 another update: so im wanting to buy a futon. its hard getting things when you read-speak the language. but here are some websites that may help.

first, in english"

if you can read korean, or have a k-friend to help:
  • gmarket also has a link in upper right for "english shop". clothes, accessories, books, dvds.
  • which is i think the same... sorry... im tired.
  • couple of coworkers of mine bought their beds here, for under 100$.
  • for your bed. but you do need a korean credit card. if you have a friend who can help you, you can ask them to buy the bed, and then reimburse them or trans money into their account or something.

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