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Saturday, June 14, 2008


hello blogworld. i am running out of oatmeal. my homegirl keena gave me the rest of hers before she left... *sniffle* i miss you, keena!!! anyways... im nearly out and now i dont konw what to do. i never ate oatmeal at home. but here it's like the perfect thing to eat for breakfast everyday. i must have more.

i know there is oatmeal to be bought at costco in seoul, but ive only been to one of the stores and damned if i can find my way back. they're all far for me, like an hour on the subway? i dont love oatmeal that much.

im sure some of the coworkers go... but im not asking them for help. a personal aside here: im really not game for asking anybody for anything these days. the last few times i needed help, i got none. and as a grown ass woman, it's really embarrassing to not be able to do things for yourself, which happens so often here being in a new place and unfamiliar with geography, customs, lanugage, etc. So im taking the punk way out, and asking my parents to send me oatmeal. BUT i did just learn that you can order costco online, to be delivered to your front door:

the websites are in english. but key money is still being pulled from my paycheck and loving parents make it easy to lean on them, so perhaps i'll try the website another time.

one of the last one on one times i got to spend with keena was going to costco, and she bought me my first costco hot dog. deeeee-licous.

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