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Sunday, June 15, 2008

described as "Davey and Goliath...meets South Park."

using the computer at home, i sometimes cant access some sites. there will be a message, something like "this is not available in your country" or something. i dont have this probem at work or at the internet cafes. anyway, im home and not allowed to watch moral orel. dammit. i could really use a laugh right now. maybe i can watch... something else... i dont know. man, if youre in the mood for moral orel, there is no other!


BlackGirl said...

try surfthechannel dot com
or tudou dot com
you didn't get these tips from me! ;)

sister sha said...

tho toudou is in chinese (i THINK it's chinese) i was able to type in "moral orel" into what looked like a search box and found two episodes! good lookin blkgirlinprague!

LawnNomi said...

okay, so I deff. hear your moral orel cry, I have been missing adult swim like nobody's business!
But to be Honest... I came across your blog (b/c someone was shining a huge a** flashlight down on me & Smiling) Anywho... I'm in South Korea for the summer... (Incheon til July, then Seoul til beginning of Sept) Korean Student at Yonsei KLI... I'm biracial (1/2 black/mexican, 1/2 Irish/American) I've been looking for a hair salon, that can straighten my hair. I'm just looking for a flat iron job, with a result of bone straight hair. I didn't want to just walk into any place though and be like "Hey, wanna straighten my massive head of curls?"
So to make a long story short... You had said there were a few salons in the "foreigners area" of Seoul (which I feel I have yet to visit) If you could point me in the right direction subway stop etc, that would be Awesome!!
I can't believe you've been here for over a year... I Love your counter.. :-)
please feel free to check out my blog.
look forward to hearing from you.

LawnNomi said...

p.s. oh Mann... I definitely jumped ahead of myself, I just started checkin out the myspace group you started... and am soon about to head over to facebook.
You Are Amazing Girl!! :-)
thank you thank you thank you