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Thursday, June 26, 2008

book: korea w/blk perspective

just helping out a friend, promoting. check his blog for updates. ~Supa Fly.
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 8:11:43 AM
Subject: It's Christoph from DC. Be included in a new book.
It’s Christoph from DC! I am contacting you to let you know that I am in the arduous process of writing a book. This book will pretty much be the first of its kind. The premise of this book, basically, has to do with “Living in Korea as a Black Person.” That is not the title. The title has not been finalized however that is what the book is about.

Obviously, it is impossible for me to present to the masses the many experiences a black person goes through and has gone through while residing here in Korea . In this book, I would like to display the many different happenings, experiences, misfortunes, benefits, love stories (with Koreans), marriages to Koreans, all of what has occurred as a result of being a black person in Korea.

I have collaborated with a reputable writing company that has a whole portfolio of experience when it comes to creatively piecing together a literary puzzle masterpiece such as this. They have pretty much guaranteed satisfaction to the point where this book really could become a project not just black people would be proud to read but Koreans and other nationalities as well. It is my goal to get this book in the hands of as many people as possible. I’m sure aspiring ESL teachers would like to read it just to get a heads up on what to expect.

I am asking you if you are interested in submitting one or two of your fondest, amazing, hard to believe memories and/or experiences you’ve had while living in Korea . Keep in mind that this book is intended to present the perspective of the African American. Lets show the Koreans how intelligent we are. I know that there may be some experiences and memories that may seem like it’s a little Korea-bashing so if you could just tone down textual tone of the situation. I’m not saying be fake but be respectful even if sometimes you feel like Koreans don’t deserve it.

Pictures, letters, notes, all will be great to supplement your story. The book will be written kind of like a narrative. So the story that you submit will be presented as is so please proofread and revise to the best of your ability. It will be revised in house and sent back to you for your approval. Please submit pictures and supplements that accurately and colorfully complement your story. Immediately following your story, will be your due credits. So along with your story, please submit your information (where you are from, blog address, where you stayed in Korea , your purpose for being in Korea , e.g. teacher,). When you submit pieces, we will get back with you, letting you know if your story aligns with the book’s angle or if we already have a story on that particular subject.

Be apart of history in the making. Go ahead and google books from black authors about Korea and see if you see any to date. I’m not saying there aren’t any out there but I haven’t found any to read. LETS DO IT!

P.S. My personal blog is below.
Christoph J. The Seoul of a Black Man
Travel with me as I expound on how, I, a black man, strives and thrives in Seoul, South Korea. Read along as I discuss, in literary manner, the many experiences and insights that will transform how I view life and the world as a whole.

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Christoph Jenkins said...

oh wow. didn't know you did this. thanks. the book is coming along great. got some others things in the works to. how are you?