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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i wonder

these red levers under my sink... what are they for? are they supposed to be turned upward or downward? upward in winter, and down in summer? or UP all the time? OR DOWN all the time?

i dont know.


njeanty said...

i think they're emergency shut off switches. i took an emergency response training and learned that you (regular folks) should be able to turn of all levers: water, gas, and . . . I can't remember if there is another one. Either way, the levers in the picture look similar to something I was supposed to have learned to shut off.

t-hype said...

Hey, I don't know if I told you thanks for the link!

I'm hustling to hook something up for my dog because I'm not leaving home without him. Hopefully, very little chaos will ensue...

supa fly said...

my coworker told me these are for the ondol: the floor heating. both levers down (as pictured) means it's on. but adjusting the temperature with the gauge on my wall controls how warm it is. one person told me that i can just leave it as is, but another told me that it's best to shut OFF in summer and ON in winter. im going for the latter, hoping it will save me some money.