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Thursday, May 22, 2008

question: getting hired

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From: a myspacer
Date: May 22, 2008 11:31 AM
I was wondering if you had any advice about getting hired..I am working through footprints recruiting right now (have you heard anything about them). I would like to be over there by the 2nd week in August that is my goal, trying to make the right steps to make that happen. Also besides Seoul what are some other major cities I should be looking into. Thanks in advance for the help. T

hi t. you dont need advice for getting hired, actually getting a job is pretty easy, as soon as you put your resume out, you'll have plenty of offers. footprints is a reputable agency, and they'll help you sift through your offers. when they tell you about a job, ask what subway station it's closest to. this will give you a sense of where you'll be. then you can get on the blk korea groups and see who's in the area, and get some better info.
as for what other steps you can do to get the job: footprints will help you. there have been many changes to the visa laws since i arrived, so i cant be much help to you on the technical side. if you've any other questions, do email me, im always around. ~i_teach.


Miss Mindy said...

I was at Kinex buying movie tics for Indiana Jones the other night and I think I saw you. Dude, yer famous! Keep up the good work.

The Bradley's said...

Just wondering what CDI location you're at? I have also been with CDI for a year and am looking for a location that has better hours. We had a 6 day schedule and I'm looking for Saturdays and Sundays off. I've heard some branches offer this option and I'm hunting. Thanks!

Supa Fly said...

hi bradley's. i cannot reply as you've not left an email or any contact info, and there is none on your blogger profile. you can email me direct at