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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

sample Lesson Plan

this is the lesson plan i wrote for my interview with aeon. feel free to use it, anybody.

Lesson Plan:Colors, Nouns, Human Simon

Routine Morning Greetings (2-3 min):
Daily- practice of general morning conversation/greetings. Teacher initializes routine morning conversation, “Good morning, class.” “Good morning, Joe.” “Did you sleep well last night?” “Yes, I slept fine, thank you.” “How are you today?” “I am fine, thank you.”
Review of Colors (1-2 min):
Review with the class colors. Use the items in the room, students hair, clothing, etc, as examples. Assessment activity: Point to an item and ask a student, or all the students, to call out what color it is.
Review of Nouns (1-2 min):
Review with class nouns. Use class posters and handouts for visual reminders.
Assessment activity: Ask some students to share what they saw on the way to class today- a bus, a tree, a bird, etc.
Class Activity (10-15 min):
Human Simon. The game Simon is where you are shown a color, and with each round, a new color is added, making a pattern. The student will then try to repeat it in the exact sequence; ie: red / red-blue / red-blue-yellow / red- blue-yellow-pink, etc. Have 2-4 students stand in the front of the class to compete. The teacher will act as “Simon” posting, and then flipping over, colored cards on the board. The students will go back and forth repeating the sequence until one forgets/messes up.
Super Human Simon. Same as Human Simon, but this time, with each color they are shown, the student must add a noun;
ie: red car / red car - blue bird / red car - blue bird - yellow flower, etc.
Encourage students to look around the room at objects and the example posters for nouns. Have the rest of the class write each “color-noun” phrase the competitors use, and act as a “buzzer” when one of the competitors gets the sequence wrong. Choose one of the “buzzer” students to stand up and recite the proper sequence, or have all the “buzzer” students repeat the sequence together. Then a new competitor can step forward.
Variations: along with colors/nouns, use a theme. For example: animals, fruits, body parts, etc. Or, have students play Human Simon, but they must recite and spell the color. Or, to simplify Super Human Simon the game, use a set of just 4 colors/nouns for the sequence, and repeat them.
Review (5-8 min): Have the students describe the things they will pass when going home that day


sboegema said...

Fun lesson! This is a sexy-ass blog, woman!

i_teach_esl said...

*gasp!* im so excited that you read my website and lesson plan!!! *teardrop* thanks :)