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Saturday, October 07, 2006

i will have a job by march.

so i decided to use recruiters for my job search, i found a few reputable ones on but i've posted my resume up on job boards, too. i posted my resume on and hiteacher. i sent my resume to recruiters atc, worknplay, asknow, footprints, lingua international, eduorange, and etik. I had intended on sending to only one or two, but b/c im so nervous now about being hard to place b/c im black, i went ahead and sent my resume and photo to a bunch. despite the holiday, i got responses from a few, and a CALL last night! actually Blaque answered the call b/c i lent my cell phone to her and dont have it back yet. she took the message, said it was some guy left his phone number and email, and asked i contact him about an esl job. this is exciting! im sure i will secure a job by march. i know however that call may very well been a scam, ive read a LOT about that happening, but ive learned the basics: a recruiter wont charge you a fee, you dont send your original passport, degree/diploma, send no money, dont send your social security number, etc. its chuseok in korea right now, everyone is on holiday. Anyway, im feeling more prepared than 3 months ago. god this entry is boring. speaking of boring, don't click this link. hey know what???
march 2007, i will be in korea.

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