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Thursday, October 05, 2006

random things about me

random things about me that have nothing to do with nothing.
  • i fear no one.
  • i cry easily.
  • im a terrible driver.
  • i always use the cross walk so that if anybody hits me, i can sue.
  • my favorite sound is raindrops on rooftops.
  • i had my first french kiss at age 16.
  • i dont like vanilla pudding b/c i think it looks like phlegm.
  • i've often been told that i sound white over the phone.
  • sometimes i smell my fingers like mary katherine gallagher.
  • my favorite book is Anthem by Ayn Rand.
  • i didnt have my first alcoholic drink until i was 23.
  • i used to only wash my hair 1/2 or 1/4 at a time b/c i didnt like to have them all wet at the same time. i had locks, and when wet, they were very heavy and took a day to dry.
  • my favorite chocolate is dark chocolate, but my favorite candy is Almond Roca.
  • when i was 25, i lost 68 lbs in 5 months by fasting. A year later, I had gained 85.
  • i dont like flowers as gifts b/c i think about how they died as soon as they were picked.
  • i started my period at age 11.
  • the first time i remember being in church was when i was 19, i was dating the son of a preacher.
  • korea will never profit from my hair b/c i keeps it natural.
  • i didnt start using tampons until i was 25.
  • my favorite smells for perfume or cologne is anything citrus: orange, peach, lemon, etc.
  • i didnt learn to swim until i was 24, when i took a beginning swim class in college.
  • i dont like porn, but i do like hentai.
  • i have an abnormal attachment to my pet cats and secretly hope they die before i leave for korea, b/c i dont think anyone will be able to take as good of care of them as i do.
  • i didnt learn to ride a bike until my boyfriend taught me. i was 25.
  • i dont like bananas, but i love banana bread.
  • i am afriad of dogs.
  • i can type approximately 72 words per minute.
  • i dont cook b/c my mother tried to teach only me, and not my brother, when i was young.
  • i was 18 the first time i had sex.
  • i am one inch taller than my on-paper husband.
  • i cry every time i watch the movie spirited away.
  • i cut coke zero with water b/c i drink so much of it.
  • i was baptised catholic but i dont really practice any religion.
  • in my early twenties, i had my nose, ears, tongue, nipples, and navel all pierced, some with multiple holes. now i wear one earring in each ear and occasionally a small stud in the nose.
  • my favorite fruit is cherries.
  • post high school, many former classmates told me they thought i was gay.
  • i never litter.
  • i've smoked marijuana less than 5 times my entire life.
  • i dont like spicy food, but i love wasabi on sushi.
  • if im walking and there's a van parked ahead of me, i cross the street b/c im afraid that the door will slide open and i'll be abducted, anally raped, and murdered.
  • i will never eat white chocolate, b/c i think it's weird that it's white.
  • my favorite pizza topping is pineapple.
  • i never go to taco bell b/c im from southern california where there's a Roberto's on every corner.
  • most of the time, i dont answer my phone. just b/c.
  • at age 30 i was on my 5th car.
  • i dont like that smokers leave their cigarette butts just anywhere.
  • i dont want to have children.
  • my favorite show was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even tho i thought it was blatantly racist.
  • i like my nails to be polished blk w/white tips or white w/blk tips.
  • my favorite online expression is owned.
  • sometimes it's spelled pwned.
  • or pwn3d.
  • i love yoplait non fat strawberry yogurt.
  • my favorite mcee is jean grae.
  • i hate it when white people touch my hair.
  • i think don cheadle is hot.
  • i took a written test when i renewed my driver's license and i got every question right
  • i want to eat vegan, but every so often i have to have a hamburger.
  • i dont like to hug or shake hands. ever.
  • i love the way the streets smell after it rains.
  • at the bar, i only drink hard liquor. i never developed the taste for beer.
  • i like to eat raw red bell peppers like apples.
  • i dont think pomegranates are worth the time it takes to eat them.
  • i want to spend my money on stuff like this.
  • i dont follow sports, but i like sports movies.
  • brad pitt is hot, but johnny depp is forever.
  • it tickles me that i can use chopsticks and my mom can't. ha!
  • i only use ob tampons b/c i worry about the environment and how applicators are wasting space in landfills.
  • when i was about 12, i set my hair on fire b/c i wanted to know if hair burns.
  • i like men w/a little facial hair.
  • i always use proper spelling and grammar, even when txting on the cell phone.
  • i hate cold weather.
  • sometimes if im reading something "classic," i'll concurrently read the cliff notes.

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Stephanie said...

I am sure I've tried to hug you at some point in the past... sorry about that. ;)