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Sunday, April 29, 2007

some africans are still enslaved and dont feel complete without a chain around their neck...

thanks to nisha for passing this on.

this doesnt have anything to do w/korea or esl... it is part of a 1999 documentary called 'Cry Freetown' .

ive noticed a couple of nigerian men here in korea (i notice ALL them, actually, handsome lot they are), and im saddened and enraged at the same time to see how they emulate this one part, this bane of african american culture: wearing the shiniest, gaudiest, bit of bling they can buy, adorning their fingers and necks and wrists and ears and teeth.

it's up to us, black people. we can make a choice. BE the change you want to see in the world. dont buy diamonds. dont glorify it. it's a stone, it's NOTHING. sisters, let's not reward our brothers for stepping on the backs of our own people to showcase their "success." brothers, be brave and turn away from the self deprecating display and quit showing off your necklace to the camera. as if it's supposed to mean something. only if we give it meaning.

i love rap music. i hate that the only rap music that is more known and mainstream is anything that cripples and distorts black culture. what are non black people to think when the only thing they see in the media is anything gangster, showcasing one's material goods, im so tough, i got guns, all women are hoes and tricks and bitches and i fuck them all (whatever, all this muscle flashing is ladden with homo erotic OVERtones anyway)... and then compile that with the few lost and brainwashed black folks they see on the street. no wonder. and it's fucking global! africans on the continent call themselves Niggaz!
ok... and now i leave you with the words of krs one:

Instead of broadcasting how we smoke them trees
On the radio we need to hear more local emcees
Where you at?, c'mon where you at?
This is the difference between emceein' and rap
Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal
Emcees spit rhymes to uplift their people

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