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Friday, April 20, 2007

how i got cable tv

if you need help getting cable or anything "living" related, contact global village.

update 07/2011:
a good number for getting cable tv:
KT has a customer service number for English speakers (in seoul). You can have them come on a saturday even. ah-sahh! 02-1588-8448
i didnt have cable back home b/c it's so expensive and i was always so poor. we can add cable tv to my top ten reasons of why i came to korea.

i asked a coworker that lived in my building how he hooked up his cable and he tells me, "oh, i dont know, my girlfriend helped me." >:( that alone made my teeth clench b/c every question i ask of him is answered, "my girlfriend helped me." well damn, can you ask your girlfriend how she did it and pass the info onto me? you jerk! not really. he's the nicest guy, but i was annoyed.)

i asked the doorman in my building and he gave a phone number that was disconnected. i asked another coworker, who gave me another number, which was also disconnected. i asked a third coworker, who said i need to ask the landlord. i emailed human resources at my school who got my the apt to find out how to get in touch with my landlord & he told me i ought to talk to someone at the school..../

angry. not so much b/c people didnt know, but rather i was annoyed that it was something i couldnt do on my own. even if i did have the right phone number, i couldnt call it w/my english only fat ass. usually im really independent, i do things for myself, not have people do things for me. my ultimate goal is become as fluent as i can in korean, so that i can better take care of myself.

i hate asking for help, b/c often this is exactly what happens: you have to ask and ask until someone finally can help you; it makes me feel like a pest. having to lean on other people sucks. for one it means you have to wait on people to get back to you and for two i hate asking help from people i hardly know. thanks again to the coworker who helped me with the cell phone. i appreciate not only her taking the time to help me, but she also showed me HOW to keep up on the phone so that i can do it myself and not have to run to somebody for help all the damn time. *sigh* i'd have asked her for help, but she doesnt have a tv.

i REALLY hate asking the korean staff at my school for help b/c they're so overworked and underpaid and im sure have better things to do than to take care of the new foreigner. plus they speak little english and im embarrassed to try to communicate b/c i speak no korean.

hey, thanks for letting me rant, blogworld. anyway, i sucked it up and one of the korean staff at my school helped me. she was of course really sweet and kind and helped me out.

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