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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

mental health/pills

good chunk of info on daves about mental health. i do not advise you tell anyone at your job about it if you do take meds. not that it's anything to be ashamed of, but you'll have enough questions/intrusions about you/your life without adding your mental health to it. if you can function w/out hurting/affecting others, then really, it's not anybody's business but yours.

Dr. Park's Psychiatric Clinic for Foreigners
Tel: 02-563-0609, 0678
Exit 7, Seolleung Sta Line 2

sometimes when you call, the woman who answers doesnt speak english, so just say "i'll call back" and then do so later, and get help from someone who speaks english. or just email with the day/time you want to come in. the doctor is korean, but speaks english.

update 03/09 these are emails from a davester about getting pills cheaper at mental health/stress clinics:
Just about any Korean mental health clinic should be cheaper. I have been to three others. One in Gwangmyeong, one in Yeoju, and one in Wonju. They were all cheaper.

They don't really like to give you a month's worth. They like you to come in every couple of weeks to monitor your progress. They usually adjust the medication pretty regularly. Obviously there are pluses and minuses to this, but it's worth the savings. Just find any mental health clinic near where you live. I'm sure you could find a bilingual to help you if the doctor doesn't speak English well enough to consult with you. It is less than 10,000 a week. 7,000 a week maybe? Again, I don't know how many other docs would be willing to give you a months supply, I don't think they do things that way here. You could go to the doc, tell them what you are taking and see if they would continue you on the same stuff, but they might want to put you on something else.
Koreans doctors I have been to have perscribed anti-depressants and anti-anxieties for me to take at the same time. They work nicely together, and for the first few days really left me feeling groovy. Going in every couple of weeks allows them to monitor your progress and adjust the meds/dosages accordingly.
I know from years of experience with different psychoactives that a body will build up a tolerance for the drug and need to be changed after some time.
When I came to Korea I had just gotten off of 2 years of taking Lexapro. I started taking meds again after I was here less than a year, went through a major life philosophy change, quit taking those meds in 2006, haven't felt the need for them again since. Last year I was taking some more SSRI's to help with my temper and anxiety and in turn help my marriage, but I haven't experienced the same kind of "want to run into oncoming traffic suicide" since my change of philosophy back in 2006.
Anyway, from a fellow human who has suffered a great deal of depression, good luck with your journey. If I can offer you any help/advice, just let me know.


N said...

Yes, yes; I agree. You can talk about constipation, cancer, and how often you have sex, but YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH (or rape).

Michelle said...

I've been in Seoul for a couple of months now and have had visits to both the International Clinic and to Dr.Park's Pysch care for Foreigners.

On first impression, I thought the Dr at the International Clinic was way too clinical and aloof for my taste. I then went to see Dr. Park. He's a more personable character but found that on subsequent visits he asked me the same personal questions he asked and took notes on my previous visit. I would reccomend the latter Dr, if you need someone who is more sympathetic to the stress triggers in your life. Both offer meds in office. Dr.Park was trained in Korea and the Dr at the International Clinic trained in the U.S. I would ask about a sliding pay scale if you don't have insurance.
I have been seeing an amazing therapist in Ssam Gak Ji. He works for a counseling group called Adaptable Human Solutions Young is great listener and the best therapist I've worked with. All the therapist are educated and trained in the United States. And they offer sessions in Korean,English or French. Unfortunately, this amazing service is pricey if it's something you need to every week. They do however, have a slight fee adjustment for those who are having financial hardships.

supa dupa fly said...

fyi to readers: Adaptable Human Solutions doesnt offer medication.

supa dupa fly said...

also check daves for info.