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Saturday, May 12, 2007

summer work

if i had known about summer and winter jobs here, i might've used the opportunity to visit korea before making the big move here. these seasonal jobs all include free accomodations, paid airfare, and around 2000USD for one month of work. the quality of the job depends on the employer, of course. anyway, to all those in cyberworld who've let me know they're considering korea, maybe check out a summer gig.

check here for the eslcafe korea job board. i got this link by doing a google search for the phrase "summer camp," narrowing the search to pull only from the eslcafe korea job board.


N said...

i responded to the one you sent me and someone named Raymond Cho contacted me from Workforce. Needless to say, I am a little irritated, if not disappointed. I really want to hear from the lady I emailed. I get a whole bunch of emails from people who scan the site and forward emails advertising, "WE HAVE THE PERFECT SALES JOB FOR YOU!" Uh duh, the objective on my resume does not talk about sales.

*sigh* thanks anyway.

supa dupa fly said...

yeah, take the tip, everybody: open up a new email account exclusively for your job search. you may be innundated with emails from companies that get your email from a job board.

Karen said...

Where do you get your hair done in Korea? Are there alot of options?

Anonymous said...

love your blog. I find it really informative thanks, xteethx

supa dupa fly said...

for hair, try:

on the myspace group:

there is a forum discussing where people get their hair done.

Patricia said...

Hey now I haven't found any Summer or Winter camps that pay airfare from the USA. It is only if you do a 12 month contract. If you know of any winter camps that will pay airfare - I will give it a trial test. I am planning on a 12 month contract in Fall of 2008 - thinking more about Taiwan or China though. Though Korea is a possible for me.

supa dupa fly said...

sorry, i never really researched it myself, so i dont know of any. i knew of ONE that was one month and paid airfare, and i only came across it from a friend of mine, but it was for summer. if i hear of any for winter, i will post them.

i have heard china and taiwan are great places to work, i hope to do a teaching stint in both of those places one day, but right now korea is it for me. i like it here, and you make much much more money here than anywhere else (save for middle east ive heard).