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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

moving service

click this and this forum on eslcafe, or here on global village about how to move: There are moving services or you can get just a bongo truck guy. But unless you speak and read Korean really well you would probably need a korean to help you get one.

This guy speaks english.... seems about 40,000 to move most things:

When you need a truck , Please send below items ! I will reply the price asap !
  • name & cell phone ex) brandon : 010-7707-4280
  • from where to where ex) from habangchon to kangnam

  • how many stuffs ? ex) 1 couch, 1 washing machine, 1 computer desk, 5 suit cases, 10 paper boxes…… * from which floor to which floor ex) from 2th floor to first floor

  • old address & destination address ex) yongsan2gadong 391-12 & ilwondong 234-76
update: i used the above guy, brandon, he was cool. spoke fluent english. i paid 50 to move a piece of exercise equipment from hanaam to pyeongchon.

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