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Sunday, April 05, 2009


this is my beautiful friend zhaleh. she is an esl teacher in south korea who works with adults. she wrote this "funny things people said" on her myspace. pretty exemplary of the funny conversations we sometimes have with people here in korea.~supafly

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
funny things that people have said to me this month

dominican guy in the club
: ayyyy, mamita, u have the disease!
me: what?
dominican: u have that disease of the ass, hips, chest. they get all swollen and big.
dominican: hey, don't laugh at me!!! u have the disease but i am the one suffering...
me (to student): i'm having some problems with the way seoul's pollution is affecting my skin. do you know where i can get a good facial?
student: teacher, you don't need a facial. you just need to wash your face.
student: teacher, do you have a picture of yourself on your watch?
me: no, mr. park, that's che guevara.
student: she looks just like you!
me: mr. park, che guevara is a man.
student: ah, i know who he is. he is a north korean communist pig!
while i was walking to work this morning, a street cleaner stopped and stared as i passed. once i was almost at the end of the block, he yelled, 'BEYONCEEEEEEEEE!!!!! UP-UH-GRADE MEEE!!!!!!!!
drunk canadian girl in the club (yelling to be heard above the music): i love your hair!
me: thanks!
drunk canadian girl: you're a really good dancer. i bet you can work it!!
me: ...thanks.
drunk canadian girl (suddenly jumping at me and squeezing my breasts): I LOVE YOUR BOOBS!!!!!!!
me (pushing her off and running away): HEEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!!
me: hi mr. pyun! what should we discuss today?
student: food! i am very hungry.
me: okay. what is your favorite food?
student: i like kimbap that is dressed up like something are very dressed up. you look delicious.
me: mr. pyun, that isn't appropriate.
student: AH! I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY DELICIOUS!!!! I TRIED TO SAY BEAUTIFUL!!! (jumps up and runs out of my office)
me: mr. pyun! come back!
student: (pausing in the hallway with his back to me) teacher...i know you are not a food!
me (to student): what did you do this weekend?
: i went shopping with my daughter.
: how nice! how old is your daughter?
: 15
: cute!
: NOT cute. my daughter is NOT cute. she has very big shoulders, like man. when she says "mama" i think it is man call me.
(jaw on the floor): whoa...
: yes! if i had a lot of money, i would take her to the cosmetic surgery to cut her face and be beautiful.
: i have never heard a mother talk like this about her daughter. i feel a little uncomfortable, mrs. hur.
: someday, if you have ugly daughter, you talk like me too.


Joia said...

OMG!!!! I love Zhaleh...poor thing getting molested and accosted. This was hilarious though!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! The conversation was Mr. Pyun (and him running out the office) had me rolling with laughter! He should eat first before coming to class next time so he can concentrate, lol.

liligyal said...

Awww...I lub me som Zhaleh. : ) This was hilarious, btw.

zhaleh said...

HAHAHHAHAHAA thanks for reposting this, sha! joia and liana i love yall too!!! juanita, he ONLY talks to me about food EVERY TIME i have him in my class lol. sha, i want to be just like you when i grow up~

Black Travel said...

Hehehe... Thank you so much for this post. I haven't laughed like that in a good while!

A Cuban In London said...

The conversation with the Dominican guy cracked me up so much. Many thanks for posting this.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Zhaleh is one fly chica!
I just showed my brother the pics of her on this post, he's in love! Get it, girl!

Felicia, This Time in Seoul

token in uiwang said...

wow @ the mom. but really, i've had many students say such things about their mothers. on friday, i asked a girl to describe her mother and she responded "she is very but she can cook well so she's not so bad."

tellos said...

LOLs, couln't stop laughing^_^''''

Anonymous said...

great stuff!! especially liked the 'dude, read a book'


J. LaNae said...

OMG! All of her conversations are so funny!

brian said...

I haven't laughed that hard at a blog post in a long time. Mom was just keeping it real about her daughter. Really real!

Matinee Maven said...

LOL @ all of them. OMG! I don't think I could've kept my composure with Mr. Pyun. Bless his heart. (Hey LOVE your hair in the photo!) At least the guy in the street called you Beyonce. When I went to Brazil someone told me I looked like Whoopi. (I like Whoopi, but.....)

Anonymous said...

Are any of these people (ie Zhaleh and Jasmil) still in Korea? I am an afam woman new to Seoul and would like to connect with others.

Ms Beauty Soul said...

Bwahahahah at the story of the woman with the 15 year old kid... That was hilarious... I can really visualise it so vividly too... Smh that she called her daughter a man!!!

supa dupa fly said...

connect with lots of folks on fb