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Sunday, April 19, 2009

volunteering in korea
when you get settled into your job, you can find yourself with a lot of free time. it's important to have hobbies here, otherwise you turn into one of the expats who smoke and drink all the time. people i know study korean, work on a masters degree, play music, read, write, knit, draw, paint, etc.

i was on the hunt for Kyeong Saeng Won orphanage to volunteer there b/c it's in jamsil where i live, but i havent found it yet. in my search, i found this website that helps expats find places to volunteer. Thier main focus is on English lessons for children from low-income or disadvantaged families in Seoul, but they also do things like serve food to the homeless and help out at orphanages.

it's untrue that youre not allowed to volunteer under an e-2 visa, btw. so long as you arent getting paid, you can volunteer where ever you want. i should mention i first heard about HOPE via my coworker xohoua at cdi pyeongchon.


Anonymous said...

Hello Seoul Sista! Thanks for the post! I was worried that volunteering with an E-2 visa was illegal (because of the rumors that I heard), so I spent all day online several weeks ago looking for a "volunteer visa", lol. I received a phone call from an orphanage interested in having me. I think I will go forth and help out!

Anonymous said...

Here's an update for you! I received a tour of the orphanage and met the children! They were so excited! After the tour I jumped right in and played soccer with the school-age boys. I was invited to come back next time during lunch so I could eat with everyone! It looks like my Sundays are booked for the rest of the year!

Nikki @ Euphoria Luv said...

How cool is that. Thanks for sharing the info. While of course i'd love to hang out with the expats who smoke and drink all the's nice to also find time and ways to help and connect with the community ;)

Vanessa Rogers said...

cool, I didn't know about that site. I will have to check it out.