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Friday, February 08, 2008

yes, i complain about the cold, A LOT.

the thing i wish i bought the second i got here-->
i have them now, and i friggin love them.

my homegirl emailed me, she's thinking about coming to korea, and told me she appreciates how i say a lot of neutral things and positive things about my experience here. thass cool. i do get the blues here, guys, real bad, but i make efforts not to write it here, b/c really dont we all get the blues, anywhere/everywhere, anyway? fo reals.

soooo... she teased me and said the blogs were great, except it seems that i hate the cold b/c i complain about it a lot. and yeah, i do.

i grew up in southern cali! ive never known cold like this before, not like this where i have to live in it every single day. it's mostly just me; my colleagues, tho they complain of the cold as well, dont let it stop them from doing things, experiencing korea. some coworkers are in north korea right now, taking advantage of the holiday weekend. i am, of course, at the internet cafe where it's warm. and then i'll go home, a mere 100 meters away, to my warm apartment.

i bought these wonderful earmuffs in itaewon yesterday for 3,ooo won. they're available in a wide variety of colors, camaflouge for example.

why oh why didnt i get them sooner. they're awesome.

today in seoul it is 32 °F / 2 °C
in san diego is it 65° F /18° C

when i go out, i put on long johns under my clothes, a scarf to wrap around my face and ears, gloves for my hands, and a sour face to match my attitude.


BeautyinBaltimore said...

I am so happy that you have returned to this blog.

Natarsha said...

Hey, I just brought these in Itaewon too, a few weeks ago. We probably walked past eachother. I get excited when I see other foreigners especially black people. I even had someone hand me card for hair braiding. I am going to need it once it starts getting warmer here I heard the humidity is the worst.