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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

how ise feelin right now

i dont know what this is a picture of, it comes up when you do a google image search for "first anniversary." pretty hot.

holy cow, here i is near 11 months later! happy new year!

my contract is up in february, i'd like to go home and visit family/friends, and i definitely want to come back to teach again. probably at the same school, i like the job, i like the kids there.

i have plenty of gripes about my job and korea in general of course, but you all can find lots of that on other blogs.

but anyways, as i get blue for just a hot second, here is what i miss right now (excluding friends and family):

  1. the san diego weather. it's so cold here right now, my ears ache, my face hurts where my glasses are resting on my cheeks/nose, i dont go outside, i cant, it's torture.
  2. soy rolled tacos from el zarape. hmmm...
  3. familiarity. knowing where everything is and how to get everywhere.
  4. harar. ever since ive been here, ive had a reoccurring dream that im in san diego, rushing to get to harar b/c i want to eat the no.17 one more time before i go back to korea. and then i wake up all the way, realizing im nowhere near my favorite restaurant.
  5. my cats.
  6. the clubs i frequented that played hip hop i loved. btw jean grae is the number one emcee in the world.


kole said...

jean grae is nice, but the best? Hmmmmmm....No.

Anonymous said...


when you get back lets go eat the no. 17 from harar.


supa dupa fly said...

she's number one, kole. number one. if you dont know, then you just... dont... know...

Anonymous said...

Peace everybody... I will be going to Korea soon... I have not picked a school yet... the process has just started for me... I have to get a bunch of things together b4 I go... I'm sure you know... I am sista... I love hip hop... Dope art... and clubin.. I also love children and to travel that's why I picked this job... But I need to know how it is over there... Will I be able to stack my bread? What should I expected? Hit a girl up...


supa dupa fly said...

hi asia. maybe leave some contact information? so people can "hit you up?"

ChiGirlMel said...

Hi There!

I'm arriving to Seoul on Aug 23.
Maybe we can hook up before then?

Check out my blog: