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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fish cakes are yummy

this is my new favorite thing to eat in korea. they're "fish cakes."

i dont know how to ask for them, but usually you'll be walking around and you'll see a truck, or cart, or a stand set up, sometimes in front of a restaurant. they'll have these skewers in boiling water, and on these skewers are these beige strips. they dont look good, but they so are. you can take a little cup also, and drink the soup (the liquid the skewers sit in).

they're only about 500 won each... 50cent. you can spray them w/soy sauce or brush it with whatever sauce they have sitting in front. you eat it there, and them leave them the stick. which i hope they at least rinse off before they use them again. or maybe you can walk off with the stick? i dont know, i always eat it then and there like everyone else does.

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Natarsha said...

Hi there! These are called Odang (I don't know if that is the spelling, but that is how it sounds). I have not tasted them yet..I am kind of scared, but after this post I think I will try one. The only black person I see eating them is the other black teacher I work with and he is a guy and guys eat anything.