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Saturday, April 07, 2012

this is a kimbop scarf!

knitting is my main hobby. where to get yarn in korea:
you can go to dongdaemun station, it is north on the blue line 4, exit 9. come up the stairs and there is a building to your right (the building next to the parking lot) go to the basement of this building, there are sewing and knitting supplies. the seoul snb google groups is the most active, if you post that youre going there, maybe someone will come to meet you/go with you? there is a facebook group for seoul snb but it is not very active. most people use ravelry or google groups. i think there is a page on the google gropu of other places to buy yarn. more info here:

google group 
and a group on ravelry 

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I knit, too, and am umber happy to find your blog. I hope to be in SK in the fall. Maybe we can stitch and bitch together. :-)
Check out my blog: All Around Ana