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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

celta and celtyl

if like me, you have decided esl is your career, you may want to get certifications in celta and celtyl. They are not a requirements in south korea, but will definitely assist in getting a university job and i very confidently say they WILL make you a better teacher. Though not crucial for jobs in soko, they ARE for teaching esl anywhere else in the world.

celta is certification for english language teaching to adults. it teaches practical teaching approaches for the classroom, aimed toward learners age 16 and up. you can do it in seoul. i paid about 2.5 million korean won for the course and did it at igse. there are two places to do celta in seoul.
Cheaper one:
Other one: 
celtyl is certification for english language teaching to young learners, aimed toward learners aged 5 to 13. it's not offered in south korea as im writing this post. i did mine in vietnam at ila. i paid about 900USD for the course, and i paid for my flight, accommodation, etc. Info on the celtyl in vietnam here:

btw, i very quickly and easily got my visa vietnam online here:

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