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Monday, March 16, 2009

how to get started

march 17, 2009
Hey S...,I ran into someone over the weekend who's looking into teaching english abroad. She mentioned doing it in China but she didn't know about S. Korea, Thailand, and all the other places she could go (and that's just in Asia). I told her I was very, very well connected in this area because I know you and you know everyone (who really matters).So, could I ask for a favor. Could you send me some weblinks to the programs that you'd recommend? I guess not just the ones in S. Korea but in all of Asia. The only other one I know about is JET, and I guess I can tell her about them although they are too prissy.

march 17, 2009
dude, if i had a cell phone number, a home number, and a work number, would you leave me voicemails at all three? dont send mail to 3 of my email adresses, just use one.>< href="">daves. tell her to read the FAQ and ignore all the negative stuff. the korea forum is so huge, it has it's own spot.

she can google the name of the country she's interested in, and "esl" and she'll get tons of results. she can google "expat blog" and read blogs of peoples experiences.

once she's ready to find a job, she can use any recruiter. they're all the same in that they introduce you to the school, as long as they dont as you for any money, they're trustworthy (they are paid by the school that hires you). i believe jet is a program specifically for working in public schools in japan. a popular one is footprints, they do china, korea, japan, thailand, not sure where else.

she can read my blog, which is the best.

hope this helps. eat a carne asada burritio for me... i miss cali...*sniffle*


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was an EPIK. I was hired - more like hauled across the counter -at the Embassy in London. Shipped out to Seoul with a couple of hundred others. I was on the highest salary scale and given a job at the Seoul TTC, the Teacher Training Centre in Youngsan, like walking distance from Itaewon. It was hellishly boring, with nothing to do in the afternoons except 'prepare'. We only taught about 3 hours a day. We had a mean old bag boss who occasionally came in and scowled at us. One of us, a Ko-Am who joined up for the babes (let's call him Peter since that's his name) ended up running out on a 1.2 million phone bill and leaving a pair of bewildered parents with a pregnant daughter. Then there was Ken, who was gay and no doubt still is. Yo Jung who was nuts and an array of part timers who came in a few hours a day, couldn't speak English very well let alone teach it and wore far too much make up. We had a coordinator who was a Filipina. Her English was terrible too. My hobby was pointing out the mistakes in her lesson plans. I lasted a year. It was a pleasure to leave.

supa fly said...

sounds awful. good thing you left.