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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


blogworld, ive moved. i now live and work in seoul, by jamsil. CDI has opened a new location and have pulled veteran instructors from different branches to start up this new one. ive nothing to say about it... things were feeling monotonous at pyeongchon, so it's nice to have change. the bathroom at my old place was much prettier :(


Keena said...

Hey SHA!!!
Wow when did u move??? Sounds interesting...u r close to my old stomping grounds too! Now u r close to your girl "Nancy," I hear she lives in Gangnam & Jamsil is like 1 or 2 stops away right??? Anywho!!! Good to see things are still going well for you in SK...Ive gotta get out there and check u guys out soon!!!!!

Take care my friend!!!

Kuri said...

you moved?! wow i heard about the opening. if i was staying here longer i might have considered it. good luck out there! i'll let you know when i do more dinner parties=^^=