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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

from sarah

click to enlarge and read this lovely letter from little sarah--->

hey, i've been working here in korea at cdi for near 9 months now. *phew!* i have my complaints about my job, as do we all, but overall im really happy there. i love the kids, and i like teaching. i love my apartment. i LOVE my apartment. like really, i love it. i may never leave.

it's coming to the end of my 3rd term and i'll say goodbye to my kids, and hello to a whole new group of classes. sometimes students will leave before the end of the term, which i really dont like b/c they seem to disappear one day and then i dont get a chance to tell them goodbye. :(

sometimes the student knows they're leaving, so i tell them how wonderful it was to have them in my class, and i tell them to watch lots of english movies, and read lots of english books, and tell them they're brilliant and good luck in the future and email me if you ever need anything. i don't tear up or cry, tho when sarah told me goodbye and gave me this note, i got real reeeeeeeal close.


DMB said... did I. Wow, what a wonderful testament to your teaching! How beautiful.

dara said...

how sweet! the joys of teaching.
i found your blog by accident. looking forward to reading future posts from you.


Kole said...

Has it been a year, well almost. great post.

kole said...

I've been reading your blog from the beginning, Aug 2006. I enjoyed reading about your progression and growth as you moved toward your goal. It really got me thinking about my own life. Don't get me wrong things are good, really good. But that doesn't mean we stop. So like you I'm putting it out there. I'm moving to China in 2008 and I'm blogging about it here
The name is from a favorite site of mine japannewbie. anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...


I'm planning to teach English in Korea sometime next March. I actually work at their branch (CIS) in North Vancouver, Canada. I've heard good and bad things about CDI, but I know that it really depends on the branch manager. The place you work at sounds great! Can you tell which CDI you work for? Thanks!

supa dupa fly said...

hi anonymous. i work for cdi pyeongchon branch. it's one of the main branches. we've had a few other cdi-ers from other schools who spend a term or so at pyeongchon, and all say that we're the friendliest. cant say that it will stay that way forever, but im pretty happy where i am now.

Keena said...


That is sooooo sweet!
I would have just cried...that note was geniunely from the heart!

Teaching has its rewards!